The Bell: possible, Telegram is not able to return $ 1.7 billion to investors in case of problems with cryptocurrency due to SEC

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Earlier sale Gram temporarily blocked the US regulator - in agreement with the investors this case relates to force majeure.

Possible, Telegram is not able to return $ 1.7 billion to investors in the event of the transfer start Gram because of claims by the Securities and Exchange Commission USA (SEC) - that is, after 31 October 2019. This writes The Bell with reference to the purchase agreement cryptocurrency Gram with the participants of the second stage of the ICO.

The agreement of the authorities relate to force majeure. In this case Telegram exempt "from the obligation to promote the transformation of Gram the main currency" messenger to the publication. Does this mean that the money will not have to return to investors - it is unclear.

The agreement says that no state agency did not approve the issue of tokens and does not give advice at the expense of investment in the Gram - buyers should take all the risks. Gram also sale has not been registered in accordance with US law, the document says.

In the evening, 11 October 2019 SEC temporarily blocked the sale Telegram tokens for $ 1.7 billion. According to the regulator, the company was engaged in the illegal sale cryptocurrency. Thereafter Telegram warned investors about a possible transfer start TON blokcheyn platform, wrote The Bell.

According to respondents edition of the project investors, many of them support Durov and agree to start the transfer. However, one of the interlocutors edition believes that the trial American buyers probably will not receive any money or tokens.

Another source added that the court's decision in principle to all investors, because it will look and other regulators. The two also fear that if the SEC will connect Telegram and the TON, will be able to ban messenger from Google Play and AppStore.

Telegram began to attract funding through the sale of tokens in January 2018. In total the company has collected $ 1.7 billion from 171 investors. US investors bought tokens for $ 424.5 million. The company has promised to launch TON up to October 31, 2019 and return to investors the money, if you do not have time for that date.

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