The Builder from Texas has become a popular Instagram blogger. But his story is fake, and his profile is run by an advertising Agency

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For a month, the hero scored 400 thousand subscribers, dozens of media wrote about him. But all this is a marketing experiment to promote the coffee shop.

In mid-June, the account of the Texas Builder from Austin, which parodies Instagram trends, gained popularity in social networks. A man takes pictures of mugs of coffee, posing on the background of construction and complains about the problems of influencers.

According to the story that spread on Twitter, the author of the account decided to prove to his daughter: there is nothing difficult to become a popular Instagram blogger. For a month the man scored more than 400 thousand subscribers. Buzzfeed found out that the profile is led by an advertising Agency for a local coffee shop, and the tweet of the daughter is fake.

Account created in early may. The profile is conducted on behalf of "father, husband, coffee lover and lifestyle influencer" named Omar. At the same time, the man from the photos does not even have access to his page.

The project is promoted by the owner of the coffee shop Cuvée Coffee from Austin Mike Mckim. He told BuzzFeed that he came up with the idea of creating an influenser worker after a "collective brainstorming." "Sometimes ordinary bloggers do not seem sincere," the author of the idea said.

"The idea was that conventional influencers are not suitable for our brand. We needed a new kind of blogger: a hardworking hard worker."

Michael McKean
coffee shop owner Cuvée Coffee

Maxim attracted advertising Agency Bandolier Media to create a person for advertising profile. He said that they found a real Builder named Omar, who works in the district. 

"When we go to the coffee shop in the morning, there is always a queue of men in helmets and vests," Maxim told about the target audience of his brand. Then the advertising Agency contacted Omar and offered him to become a model for an account in Instagram.

"Social media? Instagram? What? I don't know how to lead them," the man replied. But the Agency took full responsibility for the conduct of the account: they publish pictures, do marketing and producing content. Omar only pay for the part in a professional photoshoot.

12 Jun wearer Twitter @barbzlovescarbs impersonate the daughter of Omar and told us what inspired his father to become influencers. At the time of writing, she had hidden her profile.

The tweet spread to large accounts with memes on Instagram and reached Western media and Reddit. The Russian media also drew attention to the account of the Builder-blogger and the story from Twitter.

Before the tweet on the profile of the Builder was signed by only 75 people, but after coverage of the account in social networks and media page scored 420 thousand subscribers. Mckim said he didn't know about the fake story that spread on Twitter.

Mckim said that so far they have not figured out how to monetize the account: "We just wanted to find an influencer that would fit our brand." He also said that they wanted to get only a thousand subscribers: "the Account began to live their lives. None of us expected this. I think it's super cool."

In addition, o'mara is always filmed with a professional camera, and he is dressed in a clean vest and a new helmet, which is unusual for an ordinary Builder. A man knows about many instagram trends and makes fun of them.

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