"The cruising range of 1000 km, gas station 3 minutes, flow 0 liters of petrol" - the first Chinese vodorodnoi Grove Obsidian

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The Chinese have realized that gasoline cars have outlived their age, diesel engines scold the world, hybrids are only a temporary solution, and electric cars are no good, because they need too long to charge and you can not drive many kilometers at once.

Hydrogen is the future. And they started investing in it. The plans for 2020 - 5000 cars, and by 2030 - a million.

The first Chinese swallow of hydrogen cars is now quite officially can be considered a prototype of the company Grove Hydrogen Automotive. At the Shanghai motor show, the company exhibited two of its cars: the classic (hatchback-universal-crossover) Obsidian and sports 4-door sedan Granite. Talk about first.

- It was painted by a man who used to paint Alfa Romeo and Fiat. So Alfa and Maserati's do you see an ulterior motive.
- The range is more than 1000 km. This is more than the existing hydrogen car Honda Clarity (from 500 to 750 km), Hyundai Nexo (about 600 km) and Toyota Mirai (about 500 km).
- Fill the car can be about 2-3 minutes as well as the usual gasoline.
- Like any hydrogen car, Grove has no emissions other than water vapor from the exhaust pipe.
- Serial production of the car will begin in 2020.
- Power, tank volume, cost and other characteristics are not yet reported, so we are waiting for the start of sales.
- The company plans to be represented in all major cities of China, Europe, Japan and the USA in 2022.
- The granite sedan has the same powerplant, just a different body type.

What do you think about hydrogen cars? If you think that a hydrogen car is very dangerous, which explodes in any more or less serious accident, then I hasten to disappoint - hydrogen tanks are designed in such a way that they can withstand any accident. Plus hydrogen is stored there in a compressed liquid form. During the tests, hydrogen flowed out of the punched neck of the tank. It burned for 1.5 minutes without touching the car body, and heated the rear window to 47 °C, and the rear shelf – only to 19 °C. At the end of the hydrogen just evaporated. For comparison, a gasoline car with a broken tank completely caught fire after 2.5 minutes and soon completely burned down.

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