The Germans bought most of the beer stocks in the city, so it did not get visitors to the neo-Nazi festival

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Local residents have been struggling with the event for several years, where far-right activists come.

In the small German town of Ostritz (population 2.5 thousand people) on the border with Poland every year passes neo-Nazi music festival "Shield and sword" (Schild und Schwert, abbreviated — SS). On June 21, more than 600 far-right activists came to the city for the event, but they faced a problem — the locals left them without beer.

The fight against alcohol at Schild und Schwert began even earlier. Dresden court banned the use of alcohol at the festival, citing the fact that drunk visitors "increase the risk of violence" in Pinworm. Traditionally, there come not only neo-Nazis, but activists with contracts. The organizers of Schild und Schwert tried to convince the court that even with alcohol festivals were held peacefully, but the ban remained in force.


On the day of the festival, the police seized more than 4.2 thousand liters of beer and more than 200 liters of stronger alcohol. But residents of Ostritz noted that the actions of the police did not take into account supermarkets: if desired, neo-Nazis could easily go to the store away from the festival and buy anything. Then citizens held an action "No beer to Nazis" — they bought more than 200 boxes of beer in supermarkets and took away on houses.

"We wanted to 'drain' the neo-Nazis. This is our sign that we are against the festival," — said one of the activists of the newspaper Bild. How much money it took, he did not tell. But announced, that after festival Schild und Schwert they will hold its celebration, where and will open purchased beer.

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