"The Internet was a small heart attack," As a small provider and the telecommunications giant accidentally broke part of the Internet

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On June 24, the work of many large Internet service fails, it is  affected , in particular, the cloud service Amazon, the site Reddit, strimingovuyu platform Twitch, Discord and messenger service Downdetector, which itself keeps track of failures on the Internet. Failure occurred about two o'clock in the afternoon Moscow time (seven in the morning on the US east) and lasted about two hours. 

The problem was originally linked with a major service content deliveryCloudflare, whose services are used by millions of sites. The company said it lost about 15% of its global traffic, but its own system worked fine: the traffic did not reach it because of the mistakes of others - including the Verizon Company, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States. Cloudflare published in his blog post about the great cause of the failure (and tough criticism of Verizon), which described the incident with the words "at the Internet had a small heart attack." 

Failure occurred in the routing system on the Internet. Cloudflare for simplicity, compares it with the choice of an optimum way through the car navigator. Network, consisting internet (so-called offline system) connected to each other via a protocol called BGP and exchange routing information. «BGP combines these networks and build a" map "of the Internet, which allows traffic to go from your ISP to the popular site in another part of the world" - is written in Cloudflare. The route can be as specific or general - Cloudflare leads analogy between building a route to London and Buckingham Palace.

A small provider of Pennsylvania DQE Communications (both writes Slate, it serves about two thousand buildings in Pittsburgh) used in its network tool called BGP Optimizer, which optimizes the speed of delivery and the cost of traffic to customers. This tool divides the routes to a "specific" part: for example, owned Cloudflare route he divided into two - and BGP is designed so that gives priority to the more specific routes and directs traffic on them.

The problems began when on June 24 DQE mistakenly released these routes to the outside world by transferring them to your customer - metallurgical company Allegheny Technologies. Under normal circumstances, the network self reported 'neighbors' IDs only its routes, but may (accidentally or maliciously) to call someone else - and this leads to a change in traffic direction. "This is a small company [in fact] said:" These networks in 2400, including parts Cloudflare, Amazon, Google and Facebook, belong to us, you can send us their traffic "," - said Technical Director Cloudflare John Graham-Cumming.

Allegheny Technologies, in its turn, gave its routes to another provider, Verizon - which announced their rest of the world. As a result, when you try to connect to the affected network users to send network DQE Communications, Allegheny Technologies and Verizon, which have not been prepared for such an influx of traffic. "It's the same way as if the navigator directed the whole highway on the street in a residential area," - continue the analogy with the roads in Cloudflare.

The companies insist that Verizon could prevent the problem if used for a long time existing tools to limit the number of routing IDs, which takes an autonomous network, and to check who belongs to a route. Cloudflare also alleges that Verizon for at least eight hours did not respond to calls and letters - to resolve the situation was due to the cooperation with DQE Communications engineers. The Verizon in this case say that solved the problem themselves.

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