The media told about the investigation of the US authorities against YouTube because of a possible violation of children's rights to privacy

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Users, companies and media since February complain about videos similar to child porn, but the service has not solved the problem.

The us Federal trade Commission is completing an investigation into possible violations of children's privacy rights by YouTube. This was reported by The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, citing sources.

The Federal trade Commission launched an investigation after complaints from users and human rights activists, as well as media reports that YouTube's recommendation system allows pedophiles to use content with children.

The authority believes that YouTube does not protect children from malicious videos and violates us law when collecting data. The children's online privacy protection act prohibits the tracking and collection of information about users under the age of 13. As a result of the investigation, the service may receive a fine.

The Wall Street Journal reported that due to the investigation, the service management plans to move all children's content to a separate YouTube Kids app. The Verge considered such a decision to be risky, as children are the most active audience of the platform. Employees of the company also ask the management to disable the function of automatic video playback on children's videos.

In February 2019, an American blogger found on YouTube videos resembling child porn. After the service was accused of organizing a community of pedophiles, the platform closed commenting under the video with children, and banned them from running live broadcasts without adults.

June 4, The New York Times found that YouTube has not solved the problem with children's videos. The representative of the service said that the company can not turn off the recommendations under the children's videos, because it will harm the content creators.

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