The most expensive picture in the world — "Savior of the world" Leonardo da Vinci — found on the yacht of the Saudi Prince

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Leonardo da Vinci's painting "the Savior of the world", which was sold for a record $ 450 million, is on the yacht Serene crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman. It is reported citing two sources.

As of may 26, the yacht Serene was in the Red sea near the Egyptian resort of Sharm El-Sheikh, reports Bloomberg, citing data from the service for tracking ships.

The newspaper The New York Times in March reported the disappearance of the painting "Savior of the world" after its sale at Christie's auction in 2017. The publication noted that the canvas was planned to be exhibited in the Louvre branch in Abu Dhabi, but this did not happen. In Christie's reported that gave the picture to its owner, without revealing his name. According to the NYT, the work is owned by Mohammed bin Salman.

The painting "the Savior of the world" in 2017 was sold by Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev. The businessman bought it in 2013 for 127 and a half million dollars from the Swiss art dealer Yves Bouvier. Rybolovlev sued Bouvier, saying that he sold the canvas for $ 40 million more than he bought himself.

The picture "Savior of the world", according to experts, was written approximately in 1500. In the XVIII century, the canvas was lost, and in 1900 it was sold as a work of one of da Vinci's followers. After the restoration in 2007, several experts said that the "Savior of the world" was written by the artist himself. At the same time, experts in the Louvre still consider the picture of da Vinci's Studio, and not one artist.

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