The Netherlands was accused of the crash of MH17 Igor strelkov and three of his subordinates from the DPR. They were offered to appear before the Hague court

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On June 19, at a press conference of the joint investigation team (JIT), which is investigating the crash of the Malaysian Boeing in Eastern Ukraine, representatives of the Prosecutor's office and the police of the Netherlands announced the charges against four suspects — Russian citizens Igor Girkin (Strelkov), Sergei Dubinsky, Oleg Pulatov and Ukrainian citizen Leonid Kharchenko. "Medusa" retells the main thing that participants of a press-conferences reported about an essence of charges and further investigation.

The investigation considers Igor strelkov and his subordinates responsible for the crash of MH17
The accusation against Igor Girkin (strelkov) is based, in particular, on the fact that at the time of the crash of the Boeing, he held the post of defense Minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people's Republic and led the separatist army; it was from the territory controlled by the DPR, according to JIT, and the plane was shot down. "As a senior officer, he maintained contact with the Russian Federation," the Prosecutor's office also said.

Former GRU officer Sergey Dubinsky (call sign "dull") was one of the Vice-strelkov was the head of army intelligence DNI, and also in contact with Russian officials. Oleg Pulatov ("GURZA") was a subordinate of Dubinsky in the DPR intelligence. Leonid Kharchenko ("Mole"), according to JIT, received orders directly from Dubinsky and led one of the combat units of the DPR (as the bellingcat research group wrote, he was the head of the intelligence battalion of the second Department of the DPR GRU).

Specific evidence against the accused will be presented in court.

At a press conference, the investigation presented recordings of telephone conversations of the accused. In particular, according to JIT, this is the talk of strelkov with the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov, as well as Prime Minister of the DPR Alexander Boroday with the assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Vladislav Surkov about getting help from Russia separatists in the war with the Ukrainian armed forces. In another conversation, recorded, allegedly in the evening after the crash of the Boeing, Leonid Kharchenko discusses with an interlocutor of the missing crew member of the Buk complex — according to investigators, it could be about the Buk that shot down the plane.

Recording of telephone conversations of Igor strelkov with Sergey Aksenov and Alexander Boroday with Vladislav Surkov

"From the so-called defense Minister to the field commander, they form a chain linking the self-proclaimed DPR with Russia. With its help, they were able to deliver heavy weapons from Russia to the place of fighting in the East of Ukraine. So the "Beech" of the 53rd brigade could be on the field in Pervomaisk, and from it could release a rocket — with terrible consequences," — said in the presentation of JIT.

None of the four accused personally participated in the launch of the missile on a civilian liner. Nevertheless, the investigation believes that they should be brought to justice, because they took joint action to get the "Beech" from Russia — even if they were going to shoot down not civilian but military aircraft.

The participants of the press conference stressed that the investigation of the Boeing crash continues — investigators are looking for information about both the crew of Buk and the people who ordered its transportation from Russia to the East of Ukraine.

Fragment of the JIT presentation of the four accused in the crash of "Boeing»

The trial will begin in March 2020. The Netherlands will not ask Russia and Ukraine to extradite the accused
Girkin, Dubinsky, Pulatov and Kharchenko are accused of the crash of the aircraft, which caused the death of people, and the murder of 298 people. According to the Dutch penal code, the possible punishment under both articles is imprisonment for up to 30 years or life imprisonment.

The defendants in the case will be put on the international wanted list. The Netherlands will not ask Russia and Ukraine to extradite them, as the laws of these countries prohibit the extradition of their citizens, but will ask to question them in connection with the case. The accused are also asked to contact the investigation to give their version of events, or to appear before the court of their own free will.

The trial begins March 9, 2020 in the judicial complex Schiphol in Badhoevedorp. The case will be heard by the district court of the Hague. The investigation believes that the process can last about a year.

Shooters and Dubinsky already refused to testify
Igor Strelkov told Interfax that he was not going to testify in the case of the Boeing crash. "The militia has nothing to do with this. I don't even want to comment on it, neither I, nor other rebels at anything", — he declared. Man of the environment Sergey Dubinsky has declared "to Interfax" that "no relation to the "Boeing" has", not going "any court" and will not testify. "To the West, too, does not go," — said the Agency interlocutor. The former head of the DPR Alexander Boroday called the investigation "absolutely tendentious" and "has nothing to do with reality."

The Russian foreign Ministry said that the statements of JIT "can not cause anything but regret" and accusations against Russia — "absolutely unfounded" and aimed at discrediting the country in the eyes of the international community. The foreign Ministry also said it rejects JIT's allegations of Russia's refusal to cooperate with the investigation.

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