"The world is not yet ready to DeepNude». Authors service, "undress" the women in the photographs, the project is closed

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Service developers DeepNude, creating fake photos of naked women with the help of neural networks, announced the closure of the project. DeepNude team refused further program updates.

The project twitter reported that developers are seriously underestimated the demand for the application. DeepNude authors note that, "if an application uses 500 thousand people, the likelihood that people will abuse it, is too high." "The world is not yet ready to DeepNude», - summarized them.

DeepNude - is a program that uses neural network edits pictures of women, removing clothes and dorisovyvaya instead of the naked body. Web version DeepNude published March 23, there was a program for Windows and Linux three months later. Appendix widespread after June 27 about him told media.

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