Three Mile Island Accident

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In 1979, the largest accident in the history of U.S. nuclear power – the accident at The Three Mile Island nuclear power plant.

There was a melting of about 50 % of the reactor core, after which the power unit was not restored. The nuclear facilities have undergone significant radioactive contamination, however the radiation consequences for the population and environment was not significant.

But more important is what happened after the accident. At the nuclear power plant came us President Jimmy Carter. Himself arrived, not sent someone. No one thought to try to hide any information under the pretext that it could harm the prestige of Americans. No one threw in the version that the station penetrated a Russian spy who sabotaged. No one is saying that this is a consequence of the Soviet Union's test of a new tectonic weapon. None of the American nuclear physicists were engaged in data forgery.

The entire population was immediately notified of the accident and, although radiation emissions were very low (no more than 1 % of the annual dose received as a result of background radiation and medical care), about 195,000 people voluntarily left the 32 km nuclear power plant area. Almost all people returned to their homes three weeks after the accident. American insurance companies paid about $360 000 000

After the accident until 2012, no new licenses for the construction of nuclear power plants were issued, and the commissioning of 71 previously planned stations was canceled. The U.S. nuclear regulatory Commission has been reorganized and supervision of nuclear power plants has been strengthened.

All operating nuclear power plants were ordered to implement more than 6,400 measures to improve their safety (an average of 90 for each specific nuclear power plant), relating to both equipment and operation.

Emissions and discharges of radioactive substances during the operation of nuclear power plants are now set at levels that are 2-3 orders of magnitude lower than the proven levels of harmful effects of radiation on human health and especially on the environment. And now up to 40% of the cost of nuclear power plants are all kinds of protection and safety systems.

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