Tom Hanks stole a couple of Oscars and a cardboard figure of himself.

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All this to win an argument with Jimmy Kimmel.

On the transfer of the American TV host Jimmy Kimmel looked Tom Hanks — a man with a reputation as one of the kindest and most charming actors in Hollywood. In short, Hanks is one of those people that go to lunch at the diner and buy all the burgers are at your own expense.

During the broadcast, Kimmel said that with such an impeccable reputation, the actor can do whatever he wants — and he will not even be punished. So Kimmel invited his guest to steal a cardboard figure depicting himself from a gift shop near the Studio.

Hanks agreed. He managed to be nice even during the theft: the actor communicated with visitors of shop, asked from where they arrived, — and gave money for burgers.

Eventually, Hanks got to the section with the cardboard. Before taking his, the actor painted the figure of Matt Damon, which for more than 16 years mocks Jimmy Kimmel.

In addition, Hanks took with him a few Souvenirs in the form of statuettes "Oscar", then quietly left the store. And on the way took the hot dog — of course, never paid.

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