Twitter began to hide violate the rules of the social network tweets politicians

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If a politician will publish a tweet, contrary to the rules of the social network, instead of its removal service notifies users about the violation.

Twitter introduced a feature that hides the "socially important" tweets politicians, if they violate the rules of the social network. This company has reported in his blog.

The new rules apply to the selected verification checkmark state officials and candidates for public office c more than 100 thousand subscribers. If we calculate when that tweet violates the rules, the team of moderators will decide whether a publication is "a matter of public importance." If so, then the tablet will appear instead of the tweet announcing the violation.

"This tweet broke the rules of Twitter. However, Twitter has decided that tweet has to stay on the platform as he could be of public interest "

Tweet with the notification will be less likely to appear on the platform. He disappears from the recommendations of the window "If you missed the" notices and "interesting" page. The rule will not apply to tweets published prior to the introduction of new features.

In January 2018, users were asked to lock Donald Trump on Twitter. Service said that the removal of his controversial tweets will not bring benefits, because users do not know about them and can not argue with the president.

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