Two couples caught brawling at Popeyes drive-thru in California

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More violence erupted at a Popeyes fast food restaurant — this time a wild brawl between two couples at a California drive-thru was caught on camera, a report said.

The mayhem unfolded Friday night at an outpost in Temecula when the couple in one car honked their horn at the customers in front of them for taking too long, according to FOX 5 San Diego.

A witness in line behind the brawlers, Gigi Drummond, filmed the melee, which kicked off with two women hitting each other.

One man from the front car then jumps into the fray, prompting the other man to also join in.

The man from the car which allegedly honked can be seen landing several punches. The group then collectively tumbles to the ground and a few more punches are thrown before the police intervene.

Nobody was arrested in the slugfest, the report said.

Since Popeyes reintroduced their popular chicken sandwich, there have been numerous documented cases of violence at its restaurants — including a fatal stabbing in Maryland.

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