Two Russians detained in Libya for trying to interfere in the elections

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Libya's security services detained two Russian citizens on suspicion of attempting to interfere in the elections , according to Bloomberg referring to the documents of the Libyan prosecutors, seen Agency.

In the documents, in particular, it refers to the "secret meeting" of Russians and son of the deposed Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi - Saif al-Islam, which is supposed to be put up for election.

Information from the laptops and memory cards seized from the Russians during the search, suggests that they have worked for the company, "specializes in influencing the elections in several African countries."

Another citizen of Russia, who drew the attention of the Libyan intelligence services in connection with an alleged attempt to interfere in the elections, managed to leave the country.

Where and when the Russians were detained, was not specified. The names of the detainees, as well as the name of the company with which they are connected, Bloomberg does not name. The Russian side has information about the detention of Russian citizens in Libya has not yet commented.

Western media reported that in Libya are mercenaries Russian PMC "Wagner", which is associated with businessman Eugene Prigogine. In the US, Prigogine formally charged with interfering in the presidential election. Bloomberg news agency in November 2018 reported that Prigogine structures involved in ensuring the security or the organization of political campaigns in 10 African countries, including Libya.

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