"United Russia" introduces KPI for the regional offices. Will assess the rating of the party and election results

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"United Russia" introduces KPI for its regional offices, told RBC two sources of power in the party leadership, adding that it will be announced officially on July 5 at the party conference.

The effectiveness of the regional offices will be evaluated according to three parameters: the electoral rating, its dynamics (plan to monitor every quarter) and the election results.

If for two consecutive quarters ranking party in the region was below the national average and with its negative dynamics, "it is a signal to the Secretary of the regional branch." "In the worst decisions will be taken", - said the source of RBC in the leadership of "United Russia".

The first results of KPI planed after September 8 - single voting day.

In September 2018 the candidates for the posts of governor of the "United Russia" could not win the elections in several regions. In the elections to the regional legislative assemblies of the "United Russia" won 63.5% while seats. Secretary of the General Council of the party Andrei Turchak explained such results "United Russia" negative background information on  the pension reform .

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