Valve released its version of Auto Chess — Dota Underlords

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Valve company presented its own version of DotA Auto Chess modification, which was called Dota Underlords. The first to test the game users Battle Pass.

One party in Dota Underlords up to eight people. Players will be able to play the match both alone and in a team of four users. Holders of the Combat badge to The International 2019 will also be able to play against the special bots, whose difficulty varies from easy to supertronic. The game can be added to the steam library.

According to representatives of Valve, in a week they will launch an open beta test for everyone. Dota Underlords will be available free of charge for Windows, Mac and Linux users, as well as on mobile devices based on Android and iOS. With the open beta, the system of ranks and matchmaking will appear in Underlords, players of different platforms will be able to play with each other, and the user's progress can be improved on all devices.

Modification of Auto Chess for Dota 2 was released in December 2018. By early may, the number of downloads exceeded 8 million. Developers Auto Chess also released a mobile version of the game: may 30, it appeared on Android, and June 6 — on iOS. June 10 Riot Games announced an analogue of Auto Chess for League of Legends. Earlier, Valve said that it offered developers modifications Drodo Studio to discuss cooperation, but the company decided to work separately from each other.

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