WSJ: letters from top managers of Facebook pointed to Zuckerberg's involvement in problems with the security of user data

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The threat of publishing letters makes Facebook as quickly as possible to settle differences with the authorities.

The problems of Facebook with the security of personal data of users can be directly related to the founder of the social network mark Zuckerberg. Letters pointing to this were found in the course of the investigation, which the us authorities are conducting against the company, writes The Wall Street Journal.

The correspondence, which is said to be the newspaper's sources, dates back to 2012, when the Federal trade Commission of the United States (FTC) ordered Facebook to ensure the confidentiality of personal data of users of the social network. However, according to WSJ, the top management of the social network and Zuckerberg did not include the fulfillment of the FTC requirements in the list of priorities.

The source said that the publication of these letters will have a negative impact on the reputation of Facebook. He also suggested that the threat of their publication makes the company as quickly as possible to deal with the claims of the FTC in the 2018 investigation of the leakage of personal data of 50 million users through the company Cambridge Analytica.

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