Xiaomi without permission used three works by British artist and combined them into one promo

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Two art the author has made for advertisement of a competitor of the Chinese company — LG.

Chinese company Xiaomi illegally copied three works by British artist Peter Tarka (Peter Tarka) for the advertising campaign of their devices in Spain. The author reported about it in the Twitter.

Top — works of the artist, bottom — promo Xiaomi @PeterTarka

The artist told the Verge that he created the work in may 2019. Xiaomi removed the ramps and balls from it, replacing the images of their devices.

Tarka noted that representatives of Xiaomi did not contact him and did not offer to conclude a contract. "I am one hundred percent sure that they used my work, because everything fits perfectly. They changed the colors and removed a few elements to [theft] did not look so obvious," he said. Xiaomi did not comment.

The Chinese company has repeatedly been convicted of plagiarism. In early February 2019, Xiaomi copied dynamic Wallpapers from mac OS Mojave for its Mi 9 smartphones.

Green chair and yellow lamp Chinese company copied from other works of Tarki, which he made to advertise a competitor Xiaomi — Korean Corporation LG.

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