YouTube has changed the recommendation system and allowed to block the video offered by the individual channels

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Users for the first time to tell why they recommend these or other videos.

YouTube introduced the change of the main page and under "Next." Users are allowed to customize the ribbon with the proposed video block references from the selected channels by them, as well as receive information on why videos appear in the recommendations. This company has reported in his blog.

YouTube added to the home page with a list of topics, which vary depending on what the user is looking video. Under each theme, such as recipes or "hand made" will display a list of related videos. The same feature appears in the "Next" section.

Users may opt out of the recommendations of certain channels by pressing "Do not recommend the canal." Blocked video can be found through the search, but they will no longer appear in the "Next" or on the main page.

YouTube will also start to tell why recommends videos from channels that the user had not previously viewed. In the box under each such roller will be more information about users with similar interests who laykali and watched the video recommended to the user. The new features are already available on iOS, and will soon launch in the web version of the site and All Android-application.

In The Verge noted that because the company has responded to requests from users and media companies to change the algorithm recommendations, which since February 2019 collects videos that resemble child porn.

Due to changes in the recommendations and the main stop appearing malicious rollers. In May 2019 YouTube started to remove the videos from malicious and shocking content c of the main page of the site and the application.

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