New life is not just a new start. This is a complete change.

Dental treatment (they are very bad), getting rid of alopecia,
treatment of the whole organism.

Getting rid of problems and shackles.I really want to live elsewhere,

completely autonomously,it would throw away all the shackles of the modern world.

Build a ship and sail on it, live.
I have always been fascinated by the idea of ​​living on a ship,
not being chained to any geographical point,
but rather the possibility of free movement,to manage my own life.
Therefore, I want to build a ocean-ship for myself, my wife and two cats of idiots.
Then float over the horizon.

Two year supply of wineI adore wine and I am an alcoholic.
I ask you to help me keep fit.

The first year of wine during the construction of the ship.
And the second annual supply, that would swim and forget completely ....

2 years = 730 days.

1 bottle = 2.5$
730 bottles = 1825$

In order to be able to capture the most important and touching moments

I need a Polaroid and several tapes.

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New Life


2year supply of wine


About This...

This site is like a chain of help (6 handshakes).
I really hope that people will feel and help in the realization of 4 dreams.

Then this site will go to the next user, who will be selected at random,
among all those who decide to donate.

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